| Cage | Circle 7 | California |

Filmado en California en la Feria Internacional de San diego. Fue producido, filmado y editado con cuatro cámaras diferentes, dos Sony Vg20, Una Gopro y una Kodak. Si no has tenido oportunidad de escuchar a la banda, sus excelentes riffs y acordes no sabes lo que te estas perdiendo. Puedes Escucharlos en sus enlaces : circle7band.com/ Y facebook.com/circle7band Espero les guste, compártanlo, ayuden a otros a conocer estos grandes talentos ! Produced by AlcanMedia. This videoclip was filmed on a live concert in California. At San Diego International Fair. One man crew... produced, filmed, directed and edited with four different cameras, was indeed one of the biggest challenges that i had faced so far, but i was so happy to work with Circle 7 on something different. The lead singer of this awesome band is Venezuelan and its AWESOME, and if you havent heard their wonderful riffs and chords you dont know what you are missing. Check them out at: circle7band.com/ and facebook.com/circle7band If you like it share it and let others find out how awesome this band is !

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